Blogger Logo Size: How to Find The Size For Your Theme

So you want to create a header image aka logo for your Blogger blog?

But don’t know what size it should be?

It is a common problem. Even I had a hard time figuring out the right size for the logo of Infosmush.

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Don’t worry, in this post I’ll help you know the right size for your blogger logo.

First thing you should know is that logo size may vary for different themes. Especially if you are using a custom theme. These themes usually come with their own logo and that is the size you want to make your logo.

But if you are using one of Blogger’s official themes…

They are quite flexible and can handle most logo sizes.

Here’s a trick you can use to determine your Blogger logo size:

1. Add a heading to your blog that contains the texts that you want to include in your header image.

2. Go to your Theme Editor

3. Now adjust the Size of the Heading to what you think would look best on your blog.

4. Now take a screenshot of your screen.

5. Edit and crop the image so that you only have your logo left.

6. Wola, that is the size your blogger logo should be.

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