How To Fix Any Corrupted Blogger Theme

If you have been experimenting with your Blogger theme and broke it. Don’t worry, there is an easy solution to that. Most of the blogs you’ll find have complicated methods, but this one is easy and you can do it within 5 minutes.

If you plan to install a custom theme download it and unzip the file. But if you want to revert back to one of Blogger’s official themes follow the steps below.

How To Fix a Corrupted Blogger Theme

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard navigate to the Theme page

2. Click on Edit HTML to open the Theme editor.

3. Now open another tab & head to and create a new blog. Select a template that you want to apply on the blog with the corrupted theme.

4. Go to the Theme Editor of your new blog and copy the whole code.

5. Now replace the corrupt theme code with this one. Remember you need to clear the editor and paste the new code you copied.

how to fix corrupt blogger theme

6. Now view your blog and see if everything is working correctly.

You can also use this method to upload a custom blogger theme without any issues. This method eliminates any chances of the codes of the current theme messing with the new one. This method eliminates any chances of the current theme messing with the new one.

If you need any help comment below.

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