The Jetpack Method: How to Create Fresh Content That Drives Traffic


Blogging has become way tougher than it was 5 years ago, or even 1 year ago. Every year blogging is getting more difficult.

The length of a typical blog post is increasing every year.

length of typical blog post

Source: Orbitmedia

Over 70 million posts are published every month on WordPress alone
Source: WordPress

The result of all this is that new bloggers lose hope when their daily traffic stays flat.

Even the existing bloggers find it hard to create content that would increase their traffic.

In this post, I’ll teach you an easy strategy that will help you get more traffic; faster.

But before I begin teaching you this strategy you should know this:

The “Jetpack” technique won’t work for all niches.

This strategy is for those bloggers that create content about other products or services. Like reviews, how-tos, etc.

If that doesn’t sound like you this isn’t for you. But here’s another strategy that I used to find fresh keywords(without premium tools)

I know before you spend your time reading this you would want some proof.

This strategy has helped me increase the traffic of my new blog considerably in one month.

increase in traffic

To be exact I got 326% new users in Nov 2019 as compared to Oct 2019.

326% more users

Now you know how effective it is, let’s show you how you can use it to boost your traffic…

Step #1: Search, Search and Search

Let me ask you a question.

What happens when you search for something on the Internet?

What happened the last you time searched online for something you wanted to buy?

Answer: You started to see RELATED ads.

Here’s an example to help you understand it better:

I was confused about which WordPress hosting to choose. It took me more than a week to make a choice. During that period(and even after that) I was seeing ads from all kinds of hosting companies.

And currently, I’m looking for an ad network for one of my blogs. And guess what happened?

I started to see advertisements for Ad networks.

I know what you are wondering…

“But how’s that going to help me get more traffic?”

Remember: I said this strategy will work if you publish posts about other products and services.

The Jetpack technique will help you find out about new launches. Because most companies use ads as part of their marketing strategy.

So here’s what you need to do:

Look for information relevant to your niche.

For example, the niche of Infosmush is blogging and making money online. There are multiple products and services that I can write about. Like reward programs, SEO Tools, Ad networks, etc.

Let’s say I want to see ads about new ad networks. What I would do is search on Google, Bing and other search engines in Chrome and all other browsers.

I could use Keywords like:

“New ad networks for bloggers”
“New AdSense alternatives”
“Ad networks for new blogs”

Most of the time the effect can be seen after just one day. But if you don’t see any changes, repeat the process.

Make sure that Ad Personalization is turned on for your Google account.

In short: Go to Google(and other search engines) and look for products or services under your industry.

Step #2. Repeat:


Your searches may influence the ads you see in 1 day. But to keep seeing the same type of ads you need to repeat the process.

You need to search for the same thing regularly.

Step #3. Observe and Write:


When you find a product that you haven’t heard of before: Research and find out whether it is actually new or not.

To check whether it’s new do a Google search of its name and other keywords that you think are relevant to the product. If the product is not new you will see a lot of posts and search suggestions.

If you search for its name and don’t even find its website, that’s awesome. You can rank for it even by writing a post of fewer than 500 words.

If it’s new:

Since it’s a product in your niche you will know whether people will search for a review or questions.

Write a quick post and publish it the same day. If you think writing in detail will take a few days digging around. Inform your readers that you will update the article in a few days.

You should do this only if the product is complex.

If it’s simple, write and publish the post the same day.

If it isn’t new:

You can do keyword research and decide whether writing a post is worth it or not.

Things to Remember:

  • This method only works if you are able to find new stuff to write about.
  • The traffic that your post gets depends on the number of people that see the ad.
  • If the product doesn’t take off or loses popularity overtime the same will happen to your post.
  • This isn’t a surefire way so you shouldn’t neglect following your competitors.

A quick rewind of the method:

the jetpack method

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